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Secondary Town Integrated Urban Environmental Improvement Project (STIUEIP) being implemented to improve quality of life and to help achieve higher and socially inclusive economic growth in key regional centers in Nepal through improved and affordable municipal services delivered effectively, efficiently and reliably by accountable Project municipalities. The Project will implement urban  environmental improvement, on an integrated basis, in the areas including sewerage and drainage, solid waste, and urban roads and lanes in the Biratnagar, Birgunj and Butwal municipalities. In
addition, a water supply development subproject in the Kavre valley will be implemented. At the same time, community development programs including awareness-raising on health and hygiene and 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle), and investment in small-scale community facilities will be carried. The Project will also strengthen capacity of municipalities and the central Government for project management and operation The project has started from 2010 and will end in 2015.

Project Objectives:

1. Development of Infrastructures
  • Development and proper management of Drainage and Sewerage system and  improvement of       Road and Lanes (Biratnagar amd Birgunj).
  • Solid waste management (Birgunj and Butwal)
  • Development and improvement Water supply system (Butwal and Kavre Valley)
  • Development of Auto Village (Butwal

2. Community Development Program through
  • Health and Hygiene education, 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) promotion to local people
  • Development of Community/public places and construction of School Toilets with Participation of Community
  • skills training to women ,excluded and poor people, and investment in small-scale community facilities
3. Institutional strengthening of the Municipalities in order to deliver effective, efficient, and reliable municipal services to the people
  • Implementation of integrated revenue collection system to have excess increase in annual income
  • Strengthening the capacity of the officers of municipalities by providing trainings regarding delivery, operation and maintenance and expansion of urban services
  • Development of GIS Maps of the municipalities.

Project Cost and Sharing:

Fig1. - Project Cost and Sharing (Entity-wise)
Fig2. - Project Cost and Sharing (Municipality-wise)

Project Structure:

Fig3. - Project Structure